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Symphonia Prima Mini cookware pieces combine the same time-honored beauty and contemporary design as standard-sized Ruffoni cookware.

Joining classic Italian artistry with enduring culinary performance, Ruffoni Symphonia Prima brings the highest-quality craftsmanship to this opulent line of individually-sized stainless steel cookware. Each piece is perfect for making and presenting individually-portioned epicurean delights. The stainless steel cookware pieces are designed with a thick aluminum core between layers of mirror-polished stainless steel, offering both truly exceptional heat conduction and a “bellisima” kitchen aesthetic that appeals to all gastronomes. Exquisite finishes, mirror-polished lids, and dual-riveted cast stainless steel handles provide the crowning touches for luxurious gourmet style with dishwasher safe convenience.

Travel into and through the worlds of culinary perfection in timeless epicurean style with beautiful Ruffoni Symphonia Prima Mini cookware pieces.

Stainless Steel Miniatures

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