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Copper conducts heat with exceptional thermal efficiency and balance. Indispensable for preparing certain foods such as zabaglione, copper cooks efficiently at lower temperatures and reduces overheating. Extremely resistant to bacteria, copper enhances the beauty of the kitchen and the table.


Aluminum possesses very good thermal conductivity and energy efficiency, which makes it one of the most popular cookware manufacturing materials in the world. Ruffoni cookware utilizes aluminum as the interior core layer of all its fabrications.


“Clad” describes any metalware made through the cladding process–the bonding of different metal layers to enhance each one’s advantages. Opus Cupra, for example, bonds copper and stainless steel together for a cooking fabrication that unites copper’s beauty and heat conductivity and stainless steel’s inherent polish and ease of care.


Stainless steel is cherished for its strength, natural brightness, and ability to hold a shine. Non-abrasive and non-corrosive, stainless steel is easy to use and easy to care for. Steel is itself an alloy of different metals including iron, and stainless steel contains chromium and nickel. Stainless steel used in Ruffoni cookware is 18/10, which refers to the percentages of chromium (18%) and nickel (10%).


Tin is strong, easy to shape, non-toxic, and resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for surfaces that come into contact with cooking processes and foods of all kinds. It also possesses a high degree of thermal-efficiency. The pure certified tin lining on hand-tinned cookware like Ruffoni Historia Décor can also be easily be restored to like-new condition.