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My name is Walter Ruffoni. My grandfather Antonio made his first copper pan here in Omegna at the foot of the Italian Alps in 1931. For ages, this little town on the quiet shores of Lake Orta has been the land of the coppersmiths. My father Fremide began the company that bears our family name in 1962. I’ve been in charge of the company since 1984, and my daughter Julia now works here.

The manufacture of copper kitchenware is a real passion for Ruffoni. Our primary aim is to meet high quality standards. It is our duty to comply with the world’s lead and cadmium regulations, and we have always strictly done so. The high regard each member of our team holds for his or her job calls for meticulousness, skill, and the use of recyclable materials for products and packaging. To this aim, whenever possible we opt to employ exacting manual techniques preferable to more inexpensive chemical and mechanical manufacturing procedures.


Our philosophy is to produce professional items, without frills. We are champions of functionality, simplicity of use, and precise finishing touches. As with a chef’s pursuit of the best results in cooking, we regard the choice of ingredients and working methods as fundamental to making our products.

OUR COPPER is purchased only from certified suppliers, its thickness produced specifically for our company, our products, and their designated cooking purposes.

OUR HANDCRAFTING PROCESSES include turning, hammering, tinning, and polishing each piece by hand to guarantee the highest quality finished product.

OUR COOKWARE INTERIORS are machine-bonded stainless steel and tin produced with the most advanced refining technologies to guarantee the highest purity, compliance with international regulations, and the strongest possible durability without compromising our aesthetics.

OUR HANDLES are produced only in cast stainless steel and in mold-melted brass, and finished by hand.

OUR RIVETS are extra thick, made from steel alloys to resist corrosion.

OUR PACKAGING is made with recyclable materials, and chemical procedures are banished in all phases of manufacturing.

OUR FINISHING follows time-honored procedures considered essential to the art of coppersmithing.

OUR COOKING TEST PARTNERS are part of the Ruffoni team because we consider ourselves great coppersmiths rather than great cooks. We are fortunate to have cooperation and input from grand-cuisine experts.

WE are always available to answer any further questions you might have, with one request: Ask us only to make high quality items made with the purest metals by hand. That is the Ruffoni way. Grazie mille.