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De re coquinaria, the classic 1st century treatise attributed to Apicius and known in English as On the Subject of Cooking, is one of the first texts of historical record to record copper’s benefits in the kitchen. Chefs have always favored this metal because it is one of the best for cooking.

Compared to many other metals used in cookware manufacturing, copper is an exceptional choice. Its conductivity is extraordinary, spreading heat evenly, thoroughly, and consistently. It quickly reaches target temperatures, and rapidly transfers heat from the pan base up through the sides. Copper even maintains its temperature as ingredients are being poured. And because of the natural oxidation that protects it, copper has great resistance to corrosion. Copper is considered ideal for preparing recipes that require long cooking times such as sauces, custards, gravies, and to refined cooking techniques like the sauté and the braise. Thanks to all these properties and capabilities, copper cookware helps preserve ingredient quality, recipe flavors, and nutritional values.

Ruffoni copper is purchased only from certified suppliers and held to exacting standards throughout the manufacturing process depending on the item’s purpose and on the intended type of cooking. The tin used to line our serving dishes is produced specifically for our company using the most advanced refining process to guarantee the highest purity and to comply with international regulations. Our handworked brass fittings are produced via the ancient method of mold melting. To prevent corrosion, our handle rivets are forged extra thick from high-durability steel alloys, and all turning, hammering, tinning and polishing is done by hand to guarantee the highest quality finish.

The Ruffoni story began in Piedmont, Italy, a region celebrated for copper and metal craft, where metalworking skills and aesthetics were passed from generation to generation. Antonio Ruffoni hand-hammered his first copper pan in 1931, eventually leading to the formal establishment of the Ruffoni Company by his son in 1962 in Omegna, on the shore of beautiful, placid Lake Orta. Here at the foot of the Italian Alps, on the site of the ancient Roman town of Vaemenia, artisanal coppercraft thrived for centuries and found renewed expression with Ruffoni coppersmiths.

The Ruffoni tradition eventually passed to Walter Ruffoni, Antonio’s grandson, who oversees the art and craft of one of the world’s most luxurious collections of premium-quality European-made kitchenware. The high regard that each Ruffoni coppersmith holds for his work calls for skill and attention to detail. To this aim, Ruffoni opts whenever and wherever possible to employ exacting manual techniques rather than more inexpensive chemical and mechanical manufacturing procedures.